Here is a sampling of some notable work we’ve done in the past on customer applications as well as our own:



Talking Shapes

Talking Fingers, Inc. hired e4c solutions to complete a $1 million dollar educational research contract with the US Government. The result of this contract is “Talking Shapes”. Talking Shapes is a collection of seven interactive “book” apps built to teach kindergarten children to read with the help of the phonetic “talking shapes” learned throughout the storybook.  At the end of each book, children could complete spelling and reading games to display mastery.  There is an option to keep track of student scores in the cloud and allow the teacher to obtain various statistics on their progress.

Built on Unity3D, it allowed children to learn with the latest in interactive technology. We used Unity3D to compile an application into iOS, Android, and WebGL products. The iOS and Android products are standalone applications. The WebGL product will be released in late 2017 to take advantage of The Cloud as well as WebAssembly support on both iOS and Android mobile browsers.  Technology stack:  Unity3d, C#, iOS, Android, WebGL, WebAssembly, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB.


Pack Life

The Pack Life mobile app started off as a product inspired by family and friends who had passed away due to smoking.  Originally a component of an Internet of Things (IOT) hardware product, it was ultimately built exclusively as a standalone mobile application.  Pack Life was spun off into its own company, Pack Life, Inc (and later, renamed Quitly, Inc).

Pack Life requires the user to press the big blue button on the screen to track their smoking habits. It will record the time and GPS location of the smoke event. As time passes, Pack Life will learn your habitual “smoke zones” where you smoke most and warn you through notifications that you are entering one of your Top 5 “smoke zones” (geo-fencing). It will also know your craving times and notify you to stay vigilant during those times. Pack Life will also display your smoking statistics.  Technology stack: MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Parse.



Trendie was built to allow users to keep track of any habits that they wanted to improve or diminish. For example, if a user would want to bring their coffee habit down from 5 cups of coffee a day to 2 cups, they would take a picture of a coffee cup and give the app the goal. The user would then track the number of coffee cups by incrementing the count whenever they had coffee that day. Over time, the user can see their progress through their graphical dashboard. The bigger the image, the more pressing the habit. They can even see detailed graphs when they drill down from the dashboard picture. Technology stack: iOS, Highcharts.js, SQLite.


Pad Math

  • iTunes “What’s Hot List” – 2010

Pad Math was awarded placement on the iTunes “What’s Hot List” in 2010.  It was our very first iPad app!  The initial motivation was to build an iPad app for my son who would soon be learning higher level addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in school.  e4c solutions went to the drawing board to figure out how to take advantage of all the screen real estate that was on the iPad.  The result was an educational application that acted like the old handheld chalkboards of old.  What really “got” us were the testimonials and private emails that we received thanking us for building an application that provided a workable tool to teach special needs children.






  • iTunes “What’s Hot List” – December 2009
  • iTunes App Store “Hot New Games” – December 2009

Zanshin was awarded placement on the iTunes “What’s Hot List” and the iTunes “Hot New Games” list during the busy 2009 Holiday season.  It was the first martial arts combat game as well as the first head-to-head martial arts combat game over bluetooth. Without the help of tools like Unity3D and CrazyTalk Animator, we built our own graphics, physics and fighting engines.  It was one of the most “intense” projects ever (and since) for us.  Technology stack: iOS, OpenGL, Bluetooth.


Conversational Tagalog

  • iTunes “What’s Hot List” – 2010

Conversational Tagalog was e4c solutions’ first product on the iTunes store.  It became a hit as soon as it was published!  Conversational Tagalog taught users how to speak enough Tagalog to survive in the Philippines by combining sentence patterns and simple word variants to get a surprisingly large ideas across to locals.